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The animation here was really well done and appealing! I also really enjoyed how the facts carried through a narrative work as well (in a very natural way.)
I do perhaps wish it moved a tiny bit faster, but that's not a big deal.
Another minor detail, is maybe a pan down at the end would've worked better, so they text could've been in front of just the sky for a while instead of moving grass (increased visibility/easier to read.)
Overall, nice job! Good luck in the competition! :)

This was bad. It feels like a parody made by someone who doesn't really care/like what the game is all about. I dunno,the single joke is cheap and ill conceived, and isn't animated in a particularly interesting or funny way to boost its appeal.
If you're going to go for this kind of thing in the future, I'd say, maybe at least put some effort/consideration into the joke. Literally anyone could have thought of/made this.

This was pretty good. It moves at a good rate, and voice actors bring a lot to the table.
The cinematics were initially a bit boring, but really picked up at the fight scene. The 'eye' mechanic is interesting.
The animation sometimes looked a bit weird, being more noticeable on the fight scene. The physics can be a bit weird, like with characters falling too slowly. This looks awkward, and dissolves a lot of the scene's tension.

Overall, pretty exciting and fun.

The animation and style was excellent just like the first cartoon.
Everything else felt really weak to me. The cartoon felt heavy handed, and failed to convey any depth on either side (the artist's, or the censors).
I can understand trying to play an issue that many people take 'too seriously' for comedy, but I don't think the laughs landed here.
Anyway, good work on the animation and keep it up.

The ending felt like a bit of a cop out to me, rather than a funny gag. The dramatic build wasn't particularly good, so the 'mood whiplash' to comedy felt awkward instead of delivering laughs.
The animation was well done, and the characters were fairly appealing. The woman's walk from behind looked a bit awkward.
Overall, the groundwork is decent, but I think this would be improved if the choices throughout were a bit more considered.

I liked the animation, the line weights throughout. However, it did end rather abruptly. Who sent the 'None of Your Friends Are Real' message?

Another issue I had with this, was that I wasn't sure how you intended the viewer to feel about the main character. I got the impression I was supposed to feel sympathetic, but I didn't.

The main character is looking out the window of a dark room seeming to 'judge' the people outside. It seems like an almost comically broody teen instead of a dramatic interesting situation/commentary. Perhaps if the character's room, posing, animation, or room colors were more specific it wouldn't have come off this way.

Overall a pretty good short cartoon. I'd like to see the concept explored further and improved upon.

I thought this had good animation, and appealing colors. I liked the heart beating/explosion animation especially.

The story was very relatable to the point of blandness. I'd like to see this carried in a slightly more interesting way (either in the shots, or perhaps less dialogue and more character acting). I did like the continued gag with the ghost, it made the cartoon stand out a bit.

Overall, pretty good but not especially adventurous cartoon.

I love the absurd humor here. The plot is fun, and I like the characters. I do think it could have moved a little bit faster, but overall pretty good.

My main problems were with the lighting and the camera focus. Often close up shots were out of focus, and the lighting/light balance was sometimes too dark (I also wish the scene was overall darker/creepier when they visit the lamb. This could even have been done in After Effects with a tint and fake candle lighting).

My favorite parts were the lamb songs, and the sets. Keep it up! I'd like to see more with these characters.

StudioAtlas responds:

Cheers, it's great to know exactly what viewers would like more of. Will endeavor toward improving those setbacks you mentioned. Thanks for watching and rating!

This was quite good! It was well written, and the minimal animation was pretty well done. I especially liked the voices, they're very cute.
Keep it up! I'm excited to see more!

WaldFlieger responds:

Thanks so much!! :)

The cinematic camera work and well drawn backgrounds were a good contrast to the punchline, however I wish either the punchline was funnier (ie, a bit more unexpected/shocking. The drawing is good and quite funny, but not especially original), or that there was more palpable tension/anticipation as the camera approaches Zelda (perhaps it could go on even longer, or we could feel the intentions of the 'camera' as a character).

Regardless, for a short little cartoon this was quite well done. I was especially impressed with the backgrounds.

Buckycarbon responds:

Thank you very much, good points to consider!

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