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The animation here was really well done and appealing! I also really enjoyed how the facts carried through a narrative work as well (in a very natural way.)
I do perhaps wish it moved a tiny bit faster, but that's not a big deal.
Another minor detail, is maybe a pan down at the end would've worked better, so they text could've been in front of just the sky for a while instead of moving grass (increased visibility/easier to read.)
Overall, nice job! Good luck in the competition! :)

This was bad. It feels like a parody made by someone who doesn't really care/like what the game is all about. I dunno,the single joke is cheap and ill conceived, and isn't animated in a particularly interesting or funny way to boost its appeal.
If you're going to go for this kind of thing in the future, I'd say, maybe at least put some effort/consideration into the joke. Literally anyone could have thought of/made this.

This was pretty good. It moves at a good rate, and voice actors bring a lot to the table.
The cinematics were initially a bit boring, but really picked up at the fight scene. The 'eye' mechanic is interesting.
The animation sometimes looked a bit weird, being more noticeable on the fight scene. The physics can be a bit weird, like with characters falling too slowly. This looks awkward, and dissolves a lot of the scene's tension.

Overall, pretty exciting and fun.

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This was really cute. A pretty good VN. The visuals were definitely a strong point. I appreciated the characters changing outfits, and the painted backgrounds were very nice (although colors were a bit muddy at times).
I found the writing a little weak at times, often explaining something that was already clear from the visuals (like it being morning). If something can/already is being told visually there usually is no need to write it.
Unfortunately, I also had trouble feeling attached to to the characters, especially Pierce. I think just a little more time spent with them would have helped.
Overall, good job! This is an ambitious project, and it was very well executed! Keep it up!

waffrus responds:

Yeahhh, I think my writing is my weakest point, haha.
But thanks, glad you liked it. <:

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